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At Resurrection Muscle Cars we specialize in date-coded, number-matching muscle cars accurately restored to the highest standards. Vehicles restored by RMC are being proudly displayed at club and concourse events at the national level. Don’t trust your muscle car resurrection project to just anyone, the experts at RMC surpass the competition at all levels. Resurrection Muscle Cars has vast experience with all makes and models of muscle cars. Part of the RMC quotation process includes a build schedule and regular blogs on its website so that you can track your vehicle’s progress, no matter where you are. Our quality of work speaks for itself when you compare a vehicle restored by RMC to industry standards commonly seen from others.


We disassemble and catalog every piece of the vehicle, blast and restore the frame, blast or mechanically strip the entire vehicle, mitigate all areas of rust, repair or replace metal work, repair or replace all body trim, and smooth the body of the car to prepare for paint.


We only use the highest quality of paints for all of our resurrections. We etch prime and seal your vehicle after stripping, high build primer after body work, block sand entire vehicle, paint and clear vehicle including all jambs, under hood and under deck lid, sand and buff, and undercoat your vehicle resurrecting it to its glory days from top to bottom.


We rebuild or replace the entire existing mechanical system, upgrade brake, steering and suspension systems, rebuild or replace the engine, and upgrade transmission and gearing for a smoother ride.


Our interior restorations include replacing seat covers, foam and repair springs, replacing carpet, headliner, dash, door panels, and all interior trim when necessary.

What You Need To Know When Buying A Muscle Car For Restoration

Buying your dream classic muscle car can be one of the most satisfying bucket list goals. Especially when you go through the grueling restoration process to make it ready for some serious cruising to show it off to the world. Before you get there, you first have to figure what to buy though. The research process alone can be overwhelming but fun at the same time. After buying a classic car, your first step should be its restoration. If you are in search of your dream muscle car then you should consider following tips before investing your hard-earned cash on it.


If you are searching for a restoration car, you should spend some time inspecting it thoroughly. You should inspect every detail including the interior, exterior, motor, suspension, etc. The inspection should include whether it has some broken or missing parts, if it has rust, seats or lining has tearing marks or the paint has chipped off or not. You should point out immediately if you find some problems. Some of these problems may not be as discouraging as they appear to be at first sight though. It depends on the condition of the car, but you should not be inclined to buy one even if it has higher mileage than your expectations as there can be some other drawback in that piece. Also, it can be difficult to restore a car that is not used regularly or not maintained properly.


Some of the collectors of restoration cars look for the vintage cars that are rare and not available in big numbers. But most of the rare cars can be problematic for the buyer even if purchased at an auction at a very high price. So, before investing in this rare project you should enquire about the availability of its spare parts so that it can be restored affordably. You should also consider the time and resources you will have to spend while restoring your new classic car.


Though the condition of the classic muscle car is an important factor to consider while buying one, more important is your willingness to restore it. Sometimes classic muscle cars can be restored easily whereas sometimes they cannot be restored even after tons of hours have been invested in the project. But you should first of all be honest enough about your willingness to restore the car you have purchased. You can forget most of the difficulties you are facing while restoring a classic muscle car if you have bought it for your own satisfaction. But if you want to resell it as soon as possible then you will have to be careful with each of its details and the market demand. You should follow a  rule of thumb while buying a classic muscle car that instead of worrying about how much profit you think you can make, focus on the restoration of the car. This way you can enjoy it for what it was originally built for which is cruising in style, and also putting the pedal to the metal once in a while.

Resurrection Muscle Cars In West Palm Beach Florida

Resurrection Muscle Cars, or RMC2, is a full service classic car resurrection and restomod shop that has been turning muscle car enthusiasts’ dreams into realities since 2005. At RMC, we specialize in high end restomods and one of a kind creations where today’s technology meets old school cool. Our mission is to provide the best quality workmanship to our customers on a consistent basis, integrity in producing a finished product, and services that reflect passion and the pursuit of perfection.

Whether a full restoration, restomod, custom/commission build, or performance upgrade, you can trust that Vinnie and the expert staff at Resurrection Muscle Cars has you covered. We aim to undo the common misconceptions and competition that exists in the Restomod industry and unite like minded professionals to create a culture of preservation, respect, and knowledge within our industry and therefore reset the industry standards. RMC2 is a Christian owned and operated business started 34 years ago. The founder, Vinnie, grew up in the muscle car era and instantly fell in love with the American Classic Muscle Car. By the time he was 16, with the help of his older brothers, he had completely restored a 1965 mustang and then a 1967 mustang, which led to a lifetime of muscle car enthusiasm. Over the years what started as a hobby amongst a group of friends quickly grew into today’s business. Vinnie has restored numerous documented and numbers matching classic muscle cars. Ultimately, joining the Barrett Jackson auction circuit helped propel Resurrection to a recognized name in the industry. One of our restorations was purchased by the curator for the Chevrolet museum.

Today we concentrate on cost effectiveness and productivity through the creation and purchase of our own full body jigs, top of the line full spectrum welding, utilizing a plethora of part sources from around the globe, concentrating on using American made products as a priority. We are committed to providing the highest quality, technology-driven automobile restorations available in the industry. The quality speaks for itself when you compare an RMC car to industry standards as commonly seen from others. Our open book build policy and emphasis on customer interaction will give you peace of mind knowing your valuable property is in the hands of professionals.

If you are looking to get started on restoring your classic muscle car contact us today for a consultation and quote at 561-729-0911

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