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What Is The Difference Between A Restoration And A Restomod

Though they may look close to being the same word, a restomod is very different from a restoration. Both include working on cars with the intention to renew and improve, but there are some key differences between a restomod and a restoration car project.

Restomod vs. Restoration

Restomod is mixing new and old technology, a combination of original and modified parts. More often than not, the supercharged muscle cars you see and hear race by you are called restomod cars. Whereas a restoration is mirroring the vehicle as spot-on as possible when it was released from the factory. A few factors to consider to help enthusiasts decide what route to take include preference, function, age, value, and budget.

If you are looking to restore your vehicle for top value and it’s a rare and collectible vehicle, a restoration is the most valuable option. Restoration entails having every nook and cranny, down to the nuts and bolts mirroring the original factory version of the vehicle. This also means original parts will be harder to come upon and most likely due to the scarcity, more costly. Prior research on availability and cost on factory stocked parts will go a long way prior to deciding to go this route. Don’t forget to include time to attain these parts when determining your budget. It is usually cheaper to restomod a vehicle than restore it.

Preference and use for the vehicle is a strong determining factor. A new engine and power steering can go a long way if performance is part of the vision for the vehicle. The luxury of adding newer technology to the vehicle boosts the comfort, safety, performance and reliability of the vehicle which can allow the best of both worlds. Upgrading the paint, interior (i.e. upholstery, mirrors, radio, mats) brakes, wheels remove the vehicle from the restoration category. Keep in mind simply, if it alters one thing with the original intent of restoration, the vehicle now becomes a restomod vehicle.

Researching the desirability of the vehicle and in which standard, and weighing the variable in pricing will also be a good determination. Never underestimate the power of seeking other professionals’ advice-this can stir your thought process and answer questions that may not have crossed your mind when completing your decision.

Whether you decide to restomod or restore your vehicle, both are categorized as collectible vehicles and when done correctly, both offer high values. It is usually slightly cheaper to restomod your vehicle depending on make, model, year and how much work needs to be done. Restoration would be in most circumstances, considered a labor of love depending on the investment and rarity. Again research is crucial, research the pros and cons of both options. If the vehicle is for personal enjoyment, remember what is valuable to one, may not be as valuable to another. Learn from others’ mistakes, tips and advice in online forums on your particular make and model. Be sure if you are doing the work yourself, don’t let pride get in the way of allowing professionals help when needed. The point is to have the car be your pride and joy and the end result be your personal trophy or a lucrative investment.

Finding A Quality Restomod Shop

Restoring a classic car is a very detailed process. Some choose to work on their car themselves, however, it may be necessary to visit a shop for a full classic car restoration in the end, or for certain aspects. Going to a restomod shop can ensure a classic car is running smoothly and has the perfect balance between modern enhancements and its original classic form. When searching for a restomod shop, it is important to remember that no classic car, car owner, or restomod shop is the same. Therefore, it is important that car owners go to a restoration professional that can meet their personal standards. When looking for a quality restomod shop, there are a few things that should be considered to ensure a great experience.

Have Detailed Expectations

Before looking for a restomod shop, it is important to have detailed expectations. Not every shop is going to offer the same services. If there are certain parts or features that are needed in the classic car, then the owner needs to keep those details in mind.

Look for Quality Parts

The quality of the parts will determine the longevity and performance of the vehicle. When looking for a restomod shop, make sure they use the best parts available every time. The purpose of a restomod is to restore and improve the classic car. Overlooking this step can result in receiving parts that are not accurate to the period or do not enhance the performance of the vehicle.

Work With Experienced Restomod Professionals

Even the best parts will not be enough if the right person is not installing them. There is a certain level of expertise that is required to install modern features on classic cars. Not every person that can preserve or maintain a classic car has experience in completing a restoration. Choosing an experienced restoration professional will ensure a great restomod job.

Do the Research

When the car owner is ready to look for a restomod shop, it is important to do some research first. As mentioned before, not every shop is the same. Make sure that the shop has a history of good workmanship and use of quality parts. Going for the cheaper option is tempting but it can lead to poor quality and could decrease the value of the car. Choose the best possible option, even if it requires getting the classic car shipped to another location.

Ask The Right Questions

A restomod job requires a lot of expertise and attention to detail and any quality restomod professional will be open to answering questions about the restoration project. Some basic questions to ask should be about the timeline of the project and the estimated price. There are also questions that should be asked to verify the quality of the shop. This includes asking to see finished products, asking about the procedures used and asking about the shop owner’s experience. Additionally, this is a great time to ask about other details important to the car owner like the availability of parts.

Resurrection Muscle Cars In West Palm Beach Florida

Resurrection Muscle Cars, or RMC2, is a full service classic car resurrection and restomod shop that has been turning muscle car enthusiasts’ dreams into realities since 2005. At RMC, we specialize in high end restomods and one of a kind creations where today’s technology meets old school cool. Our mission is to provide the best quality workmanship to our customers on a consistent basis, integrity in producing a finished product, and services that reflect passion and the pursuit of perfection.

Whether a full restoration, restomod, custom/commission build, or performance upgrade, you can trust that Vinnie and the expert staff at Resurrection Muscle Cars has you covered. We aim to undo the common misconceptions and competition that exists in the Restomod industry and unite like minded professionals to create a culture of preservation, respect, and knowledge within our industry and therefore reset the industry standards. RMC2 is a Christian owned and operated business started 34 years ago. The founder, Vinnie, grew up in the muscle car era and instantly fell in love with the American Classic Muscle Car. By the time he was 16, with the help of his older brothers, he had completely restored a 1965 mustang and then a 1967 mustang, which led to a lifetime of muscle car enthusiasm. Over the years what started as a hobby amongst a group of friends quickly grew into today’s business. Vinnie has restored numerous documented and numbers matching classic muscle cars. Ultimately, joining the Barrett Jackson auction circuit helped propel Resurrection to a recognized name in the industry. One of our restorations was purchased by the curator for the Chevrolet museum.

Today we concentrate on cost effectiveness and productivity through the creation and purchase of our own full body jigs, top of the line full spectrum welding, utilizing a plethora of part sources from around the globe, concentrating on using American made products as a priority. We are committed to providing the highest quality, technology-driven automobile restorations available in the industry. The quality speaks for itself when you compare an RMC car to industry standards as commonly seen from others. Our open book build policy and emphasis on customer interaction will give you peace of mind knowing your valuable property is in the hands of professionals.

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