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Classic Car Restorations in Florida

At Resurrection Muscle Cars we specialize in date-coded, number-matching muscle cars accurately restored to the highest standards. Vehicles restored by RMC are being proudly displayed at club and concourse events at the national level. Don’t trust your muscle car resurrection project to just anyone, the experts at RMC surpass the competition at all levels. Resurrection Muscle Cars has vast experience with all makes and models of muscle cars. Part of the RMC quotation process includes a build schedule and regular blogs on its website so that you can track your vehicle’s progress, no matter where you are. Our quality of work speaks for itself when you compare a vehicle restored by RMC to industry standards commonly seen from others.

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We disassemble and catalog every piece of the vehicle, blast and restore the frame, blast or mechanically strip the entire vehicle, mitigate all areas of rust, repair or replace metal work, repair or replace all body trim, and smooth body of car to prepare for paint

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We only use the highest quality of paints for all of our resurrections, we etch prime and seal your vehicle after stripping, high build primer after body work, block sand entire vehicle, paint and clear vehicle including all jambs, under hood and under deck lid, sand and buff, and undercoat your vehicle resurrecting it to its glory days from top to bottom.

Car Full Restoration in Coconut Creek, FL


We rebuild or replace the entire existing mechanical system, upgrade brake, steering and suspension systems, rebuild or replace the engine, and upgrade transmission and gearing for a smoother ride

Picking Tires for Your Classic Muscle Car Restoration


Our interior restorations include replacing seat covers, foam and repair springs, replace carpet, headliner, dash, door panels, and all interior trim when necessary