How To Put A Show Room Finish On Your Classic Muscle Car Restoration

Though the restoration of a classic muscle car is similar to the restoration of any other car, it requires a bit more expertise and patience. While restoring a classic muscle to give it a showroom finish, you will have to focus on three important things, paint, engine, and interior of the car. In the car-restoration world, quality of workmanship is more important than the order in which you perform it.

Paint Job
Painting the classic muscle car is the most important part of your restoration project, as everyone notices the paint of the car when it is parked somewhere or cruising through the streets. You should prepare the car properly before painting it. While painting your classic muscle car, you should remove dust and rust from all of its parts thoroughly by using a rust stabilizer and other chemicals. Any holes on the body of your car should be repaired to give a seamless look to its exterior. You should remove dings, scratches and other imperfections from its surface and apply primer. Use high-quality paints after sanding away the primer. You can retain the paint of your car for longer by applying several coats of a clear paint protector. If some of the scratches persist even after painting the car, then you can use acetone or some other detailing solution to apply on the scratch. You can wax the spot afterward.

Genuine Engine Parts
While restoring the engine of the classic muscle car, you may have to replace several parts, like cold air intakes, the exhaust system or carburetors, etc. to give it a showroom like look. Though you can find a wealth of aftermarket parts for classic cars in the market, you must seek genuine parts as much as possible. This is because aftermarket parts can decline the worth of your car. You should search for original and new OEM parts to make your car as equally reliable as a new one. It may not be easy to find the original parts for certain classic muscle cars. In such a case, to find the right parts for your car, you can ask car dealers where you can find the best parts for your car. You can also conduct a pretty comprehensive search online.

Keeping The Interior Stock
Though you can give a sexy look to your classic muscle car by using expensive seats, overhead consoles and upholstery tucked with diamonds, it may lose the feel of power and authenticity expected from such cars. So, to give your classic muscle car the showroom look you should, keep its interior authentic and simple. Instead of replacing upholstery with modern materials, you should get old upholstery refilled and repair seams to restore authentic looks. However, if it is necessary to change upholstery, then you should choose the design of the fabric nearest to the design of the old fabric to maintain its simplicity and elegance.

By following the tips provided, you can put a showroom finish on your classic muscle car during its restoration. If you are looking to restore your classic muscle car contact us today for a consultation and quote at 561-729-0911

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