How To Upgrade Your Restomod Engine

A Restomod is when a car goes through an upgrade, sometimes with parts that were not available when the car was originally in production.

Sometimes a car will come with a V-6 or 4-banger engine. That can spell disaster for your car later if you want to upgrade. Some of the older parts are not made anymore unless you find one at a junkyard.

Some car owners are forced into a car displacement. That is typically when the bill increases, and you could run your bank account dry. A lot of customers have made that mistake.

Here are two tips for sourcing your restomod engine:

1) There are plenty of junkyards to choose from. Some of the yards will charge you a fee for looking (usually less than $200), but it is worth it. There are a lot of people who walk away with the parts they need without spending a lot of money. Some people come out with a brand new car detail.

Some shrug off the junkyard option, yet one would be amazed at what people throw away when no one is looking. You can find the same treasures by going to a junkyard for a fraction of what you may pay for a new part most times.

Junkyard Tidbits: The junkyard will typically drain the liquid from any parts you may find so that you can see the bottom of certain parts. A thorough search is is essential when it comes to picking the right parts. You also might need to do some trial and error before settling on a part. In other words, turn the car over before walking away. The last thing you want is to walk away with a part that does not get your car moving.

2 ) You can find some of the parts you need at your local parts store. Be sure to check on the years they make. Some parts stores will not make a part after a certain year, which could spell disaster for your restomod. Going to your local store to find new pistons and rods will help to decrease the bill.

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