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Modern Technology In Classic Cars


Certain things are timeless in our lives. Certain things can take a person back to a certain place in time, that brings back memories of yesteryears. Classic cars are one of those things that are timeless. To have a classic car is to own a piece of history and like fine wine, takes us back in time. With all of that being said, certain things can be better left back in time when it comes to cars. Certain safety equipment that was the result of law changes and the evolution of safer driving might not be equipped in that timeless piece sitting in your garage. Let me bring some things to your attention that might be worth looking at when going over that classic in the garage.

Safety equipment is something that every owner has the responsibility to keep in mind when updating their classic car to make it more street safe. While this may seem like just seat belts, it encompasses a lot more of the working parts of your automobile. The first thing that we recommend is installing seat belts if your vehicle doesn’t have any. This can be a relatively easy installation process and doesn’t break the bank either. The next thing that someone should take into consideration is the brakes of the vehicle. Some of the more classic cars were installed without anti-lock brakes and can be a danger to the owner. It is also important to make sure that the brake size of the original brakes is sufficient by today’s standard. The third thing that we recommend an owner look into is the steering of the car. We would advise that any owner that is willing to change the car from its original state should at least consider installing power steering in the vehicle. Power steering is safer than the alternative and is less taxing on your muscles.

The engine and drivetrain are the next items that need to be addressed if you are changing the car from its factory condition. These classic cars came from a different time in American history, a time when gas prices weren’t that high and emission standards weren’t so strict. Some of these older engines were correctly designated as gas guzzlers for a reason. While an engine upgrade can be expensive it might save you more money in the future when it comes to fuel economy. After the engine, we recommend turning your attention to the exhaust of the car. The exhausted upgrade can have many benefits from MPG to emissions standards if you live in a very strict state. The exhaust can also make your classic car sound even better. If it has never been replaced, it’s probably long overdue.

While many people love their classic in its original state and there is nothing wrong with that at all, but if you are going to upgrade your classic car, why not start with functionality and safety of your classic. We hope that this article will give you some guidance as to where to start and we can’t wait to see you on the road. If you are looking to restore your classic muscle car contact us today for a consultation and quote at 561-729-0911

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