Organizing Tips For Your Classic Muscle Car Restoration

Taking on a tremendous job of rebuilding a classic muscle car can seem overwhelming. Regardless of whether it is not a total resurrection, there are steps you should follow that will allow you to document everything in a way so that it will make the entire process much easier. Here are a couple of tips that should help you get organized.

Most smartphones have built-in cameras which you will need to document all the necessary parts and steps. If your phone that doesn’t have a camera you can get one for fairly cheap. It doesn’t have to be a super high-end camera but just something that can capture all the necessary images. The other benefit of using a digital camera is you can take as many as necessary to documents everything.

Video Camera
Most smartphones also have capabilities for taking video. You can record everything you need when you are taking apart every section so that when you are reassembling, you can refer to the video if you aren’t sure what was done. Just make sure to take as much time as necessary. The purpose is to get as much data as you can.

Buy Supplies First
Purchase essential supplies first and have them easily accessible in a convenient area of the shop. This includes sharpie markers which come in various sizes going from fine slight tip pens to etch tip markers.

Purchase a notebook with a sturdy cover, either with or without lines for use as your journal. You can get them at Office Depot or online. You’ll need this for writing notes and any important instructions that you need to remember.

Envelopes are important to have to store bolts, screws, and parts. It’s good to have different sizes from letter to manila size.

Reinforced labels with string or wire can be utilized for those parts too big to fit into an envelope. A label that gets ripped off is obviously worthless. You can include the same number of labels as needed and use both sides of the tag in case oil or dirt makes one side unreadable. Use the sharpie to write on the labels. Also, avoid cheap labels.

You’ll need a computer to organize all the pictures, videos, and notes. This way you can organize them in order by groups so that when it comes to reassembly, you won’t have to play a guessing game.

Record keeping is extremely important when getting organized. Using a spreadsheet program, for example, Microsoft’s Excel, to record hours and costs can be very helpful. We suggest that you make and print a clear format that enables you to write in the hours or expenses as your work through your restoration. This is very important if you run a shop and need to document how many hours you are putting into the project.

Establish a naming system that can be utilized to integrate everything. Most advanced cameras save their photos in a successive numbering system. Reference the pertinent advanced picture document names on your labels, envelopes, and in your journal. This spares you time when you’re taking a shot at one specific feature of your task.

Racking and other storage
Make sure you have enough racks or storage space in your shop or garage to store all the parts for your restoration. This way you have everything you need organized in one area.

Hopefully, these tips on getting organized for your classic muscle car restoration project will point you in the right direction.

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