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Picking Tires for Your Classic Muscle Car Restoration


Tires are one of the most important accessories for drivers especially when they have to drive a classic muscle car. Choosing the right tires for a classic muscle car will not only provide peace of mind but also complete the overlook and feel of the car. You will have to focus on a few factors to choose appropriate tires for your muscle car which include the following:

Size of the tires
The size of the tire can affect the efficiency of the classic muscle car so it should be sized correctly. It can be difficult for a driver to handle the car if its tires are too big or too small. You can find the correct size of the tires of your car either in the user’s manual, on the doorjamb on the side of the driver, in the hatch of gas tanks and on the glove box on driver side or by doing research online.

Pattern of tread
The pattern of the tread on a tire helps the car to stick on the track regardless of its condition and type. Normally 4 types of tread patterns are used on tires including:

  • V-shaped directional treads to help the vehicle in avoiding hydroplaning when driven at high speed.
  • V-shaped symmetrical treads due to their longer life, versatility and quietness.
  • Asymmetrical treads normally used in sports car to provide maximum grip on wet and dry roads.
  • V-shaped combined pattern of asymmetrical and directional treads to provide traction of stronger degree.

Type of tire
Another important factor to consider while choosing tires for classic muscle car is the type of the tires. Normally 4 types of tires are used on cars including

Summer tires: Specially designed for driving in wet and dry rood conditions

Winter tires: Specially designed for driving in cold environment

All season tires: To drive car in moderate climatic conditions

Performance tires: Normally used by fast drivers or in sports cars since they require a high level of control.

Tire codes
The right tire for the classic muscle car can be found by reading the code provided on the side wall of its old tire which you want to replace. This code includes a seven digit number which can tell the driver about its functions as well as compatibility with which car. First digit tells about the design of the tire, second number tells about the width of the tire, third number tells about the ratio between cross-section height and width of the tire. The fourth number of the code tells about the construction of the tire, fifth digit is the diameter of the rim and sixth digit tells about the load carrying power of the tire. The last digit of the code tells about the rating of its speed.

Brand of the tire
You can find tires for your classic muscle car made by various popular brands including BF Goodrich, Bridgestone, Michelin, etc. However, you should choose one that guarantees safe and effective driving experience.

By following these tips you will have a better idea what to look for when choosing the best tires for restoration of your classic muscle car.

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