[table  width=”500px”colwidth=”300|100|100″ colalign=”left|left|left”] Panel to be replaced,Part Price,Labor

Dash Panel ’68,$285.00,$285.00
Complete upper cowl ’68-’72,$285.00,$450.00
Outer cowl side complete ’68-72′,$118.00 each,$199.00 each
firewall a/c/heater or delete ’68-’72,$270.00,$625.00
Outer rocker *see notes* ’68’- ’72,$75.00,$250.00
Inner rocker *see notes* ’68-’72,$48.00,$50.00
One piece floor *see notes* ’66-’67, $735.00,$995.00
One piece floor w/ rockers *,$935.00,$1495.00
One piece trunk floor *,$525.00,$750.00
Trunk drop-off ’66-’72,$40.00 each,$75.00 each
Door shell ’70-’72,$335.00,$80.00 each
Rebuild door hinges all 4,$34.00,$80.00
Quarter panel ’66-’72,$390.00 each,$750.00 each
Inner wheel house ’66-’72,$80.00,$200.00
Outer wheel house ’66-’72,$60.00,$200.00
Complete wheel house,$260.00,$200.00
Trunk lid ’66-’67,$180.00,$200.00
Trunk lid ’68-’72,$150.00,$140.00
Deck filler ’66-’67,$65.00,$140.00
Deck filler ’68-’72,$650.00,$250.00
Tail panel ’66-’67,$135.00,$175.00
Tail panel ’68-’69,$160.00,$225.00
Tail panel ’70-’72,$110.00,$250.00
Roof panel ’70-’72,$340.00,$450.00

Notes for Chevelles

*  One piece floor includes from factory seam at front all the way to the rear edge of the rear seat and includes all three cross braces.  Installation of the One Piece floor requires new body bushings and hardware kit ($70.00).  Inner rockers are also required for this installation.

*  Inner rockers are only installed with full floor or with outer rockers.

*  One piece trunk floor includes all braces and rear cross still.  Installation requires body bushing and hardware kit ($70.00).  Inner wheelhouses are also required for this installation.

*  Front sheet metal includes; fenders, hood & hinges, radiator support, grill filler and upper tie bar (does not include the cost of these parts).  This installation also requires a hardware kit ($74.95).

*  Outer rocker only replaced with quarter panels removed.

*  One piece trunk floor replaced only with quarters removed, wheel houses removed, new body kit and hardware