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Restomods in Florida

At Resurrection Muscle Cars, we specialize in high end restomods and one of a kind creations where today’s technology meets old school cool. We aim to undo the common misconceptions and competition that exists in the restomod industry and unite the like minded professionals to create a culture of preservation, respect, and knowledge within our industry. We believe that the classic American Muscle Cars are meant to be driven, not stored in a garage. Our Restomods do just that; you get the classic old school look of yesterday’s favorites tied in with today’s performance and the latest technologies, allowing you to enjoy your ride with the comfort and safety of your everyday driver.

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Restomod vs Restoration

Restomod(restoration + modern parts/technology): A restomod car draws from all the amazing advancements in automobile technology over the past 40+ years to enhance the performance, comfort and safety of the classic American Muscle Car. A restomod car has the timeless appearance of the original, but the outdated parts of the car have been replaced with the more modern, high-performance technology of today. This gives your car the same great look, but with all the latest technologies to create a much better ride for the owner