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Tracing Title Insurance For Your Classic Car


There are many things to consider after the dream of attaining your classic car or restomod has finally become a reality. There are engine and upholstery upgrades, paint and brake choices and how to maintain your prized possession after all modifications have been made. What may not have been considered is tracing title insurance.

While your classic car may include the modern allowances of today, it was originally made many years ago. Digital record keeping was not even heard of when some of these cars were manufactured and record keeping alone may not have been as aptly maintained. For any vehicle to be driven in any state, it has to be registered with the DMV. Therefore, any vehicle from any state should have its information registered with the DMV. However, with the Driver Protection Act, state motor vehicle offices have been legislated from giving many types of information.

There has been known success in tracing title insurance through VIN numbers. VIN numbers determine the factory manufacturer, production dates, the vehicle’s original interior and exterior color and the accessories that came with it. VIN numbers were also collected by car clubs who used the vehicles for displays and show-offs. Another option comes by visiting the manufacturer or dealer of the vehicle. This can reveal the original owner who can give the vehicle’s history. Ownership can also be determined if there were service visits at the dealer.

When it comes to verification or authentication services, RMC2 inspections cover safety, cosmetics, and drivability, giving peace of mind with a professional inspection on crucial points before owning a classic machine. When it comes to purchasing a vintage car, an out-of-state long-distant purchase, or a vintage vehicle, there are key points checked like the condition of the engine and drive-train, evidence or rust collision damage, the condition under the body including the floor, the condition of all lenses and emblem verification, all electrical operations, the condition of the undercarriage including the frame and sub-frames, among others. The above-mentioned issues would determine if the buyer is to get title insurance for the classic American Muscle Car vehicle to be purchased. The title insurance comes with the vehicle’s history report which would expose any damage or inaccurate information given as to the vehicle’s title history.

Once you’ve successfully traced your classic car’s title insurance, you can begin to focus on the actual restomod process. At RMC2, we understand fit and function play an important role in proper installation of performance upgrades. The right performance upgrades enhance performance, safety and style of the vehicle for it happens to be our specialty in our work. If you are looking to restore your classic muscle car contact us today for a consultation and quote at 561-729-0911

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