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What Are Survivor Cars?

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The rarest of the rare, survivor cars are classic cars that have in no way been altered since being built. This can be quite difficult as survivor cars can be half a century old or more. Defining characteristics also include original paint, interior and parts and documentation details of when and where the car was purchased. It’s a wonder that cars of this kind can even exist let alone be operational. These cars can be valuable but are almost impossible to find.

So, how does one find a survivor car? There are only a couple of ways that a survivor car can exist. Someone may have originally purchased it, put it in a barn or storage building of some sort, put a tarp over it, then never went back to it. Something may have come up in life and it became forgotten. There are also those who may have driven it very little and also perhaps forgotten all about it. Finally, a car can be a survivor if the owner drives it next to never and just decide not to restore it.

Some people might wonder, what is the point of having a survivor car? If it’s the right kind of car in this rare condition, it could be worth quite a bit. However, the wiggle room to make alterations to a vehicle though and intend for it to be a survivor car is very tiny. Any kind of alteration can take it out of the running for being a survivor car.

It used to be that when people went looking for classic cars, they were looking for fully-restored cars. But now, the cars that are most sought after are survivor cars. Because with the very narrow rules to keep the status makes them very rare. A lot of classic car enthusiasts are always on a lookout for auctions for an old property with the chance of finding that car tucked away under a tarp, frozen in time.

The chances of people getting a car with the pure intention of getting a car just to keep it the way it was is very rare. Rarity can be a big pay off for either the owner of the next of kin to the wonder of the car. Of course, no one can control life, so it can rarely happen that a vehicle is just forgotten and never gets to be driven and enjoyed, something comes up or it gets put in a safe place and never taken out and driven. So, these cars that are classified as survivor cars are scarce, and as they get older and older, they become harder and harder to find.

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