What Is A Resto-Mod

What is a resto-mod? A resto-mod is basically a classic car that has undergone the restoration process. The car is modified using both technology and modern parts so as to give it a new look. It's very different to note the difference and sometimes you have to check under the hood or the suspension to note the difference.

Below are some reasons why people choose to modify their vehicles.
- To try and increase the fuel efficiency of the car.

- To improve the performance of the vehicle.
- Some people modify their classic cars so as to try and incorporate some safety features like brakes and airbags.

It is worth noting down that the main objective of changing some features or upgrading the engine of the classic cars is to try and modify the car without necessarily altering its external appearance.

It's very important to do some car research to know the identification number of the vehicle, vehicle codes and also numbers of some parts. This is very essential especially in helping you know the parts you need to buy.

Some owners also do some research of the car to try and understand the history of their classic cars. Some of these facts are important if the car is being displayed in a particular show. If you do some research on the 1969 GTO for example, you'll realize that if you compare the car to the 1968 GTO, you'll notice that the car received a new grille and a small facelift. It's therefore important to do some research on the classical car before the vehicle is restored.

Are These Improvements Necessary For Your Classic Car?
The styling of any classic car may look very beautiful but when you drive it, it's quite a different experience. Some of these cars are scary to drive due to the drum brakes, floaty suspensions and a feel-free steering. A Duesenberg begins to look unattractive when you consider some facts about the vehicle. At the time which the vehicle was manufactured, they didn't have brakes or power steering. That's why your classic car requires restomodding so as to try and fix some of these issues.

Issues That You Should Consider Fixing 
Modifications done on your classic cars try to fix some few issues so as to make the vehicle better. Below are some few modifications you should consider doing.

1.Disc brakes
- New brakes generally play a key role in improving your vehicle.
- Disc brakes are resistant to moisture and help in improving the performance of your classic car. They're actually a better option when compared to drums.

2. Overdrive Transmissions
- Getting new transmissions means that your car gets more gears and it therefore shifts smoothly when you're driving it.
- Overdrive gears are advantageous because they improve the fuel economy of your vehicle and reduce both motor wear and noise. They also allow low engine speeds especially when driving on a highway.

3.Tires and Wheels 
- You should consider getting bigger wheels for your classic car. Modern performance tires should be fitted to improve the performance of your vehicle.

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