What Is The Difference Between A Restoration And A Restomod

Though they may look close to being the same word, a restomod is very different from a restoration. Both include working on cars with the intention to renew and improve, but there are some key differences between a restomod and a restoration car project.

Restomod vs. Restoration 

Restomod is mixing new and old technology, a combination of original and modified parts. More often than not, the supercharged muscle cars you see and hear race by you are called restomod cars. Whereas a restoration is mirroring the vehicle as spot-on as possible when it was released from the factory. A few factors to consider to help enthusiasts decide what route to take include preference, function, age, value, and budget.

If you are looking to restore your vehicle for top value and it’s a rare and collectible vehicle, a restoration is the most valuable option. Restoration entails having every nook and cranny, down to the nuts and bolts mirroring the original factory version of the vehicle. This also means original parts will be harder to come upon and most likely due to the scarcity, more costly. Prior research on availability and cost on factory stocked parts will go a long way prior to deciding to go this route. Don’t forget to include time to attain these parts when determining your budget. It is usually cheaper to restomod a vehicle than restore it.

Preference and use for the vehicle is a strong determining factor. A new engine and power steering can go a long way if performance is part of the vision for the vehicle. The luxury of adding newer technology to the vehicle boosts the comfort, safety, performance and reliability of the vehicle which can allow the best of both worlds. Upgrading the paint, interior (i.e. upholstery, mirrors, radio, mats) brakes, wheels remove the vehicle from the restoration category. Keep in mind simply, if it alters one thing with the original intent of restoration, the vehicle now becomes a restomod vehicle.

Researching the desirability of the vehicle and in which standard, and weighing the variable in pricing will also be a good determination. Never underestimate the power of seeking other professionals’ advice-this can stir your thought process and answer questions that may not have crossed your mind when completing your decision.

Whether you decide to restomad or restore your vehicle, both are categorized as collectible vehicles and when done correctly, both offer high values. It is usually slightly cheaper to restomod your vehicle depending on make, model, year and how much work needs to be done. Restoration would be in most circumstances, considered a labor of love depending on the investment and rarity. Again research is crucial, research the pros and cons of both options. If the vehicle is for personal enjoyment, remember what is valuable to one, may not be as valuable to another. Learn from others’ mistakes, tips and advice in online forums on your particular make and model. Be sure if you are doing the work yourself, don’t let pride get in the way of allowing professionals help when needed. The point is to have the car be your pride and joy and the end result be your personal trophy or a lucrative investment.

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