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What You Need to Know About Painting Your Classic Muscle Car

Muscle Car Painting

You’ve been searching for that classic muscle car you always wanted, you are finished with the engine, transmission, suspension and interior. The last step is paint. If your vehicle’s paint is faded there are several DIY tips you can use to restore its unique and attractive appearance. If you want to match its original color when painting your classic muscle car, it is recommended you use the color code that is often found on your vehicle’s compliance plate.

# 1: Preparation
Clean your working environment so as to remove dust and debris. If you opt to tackle the painting task on an outside area, ensure that you are not painting your car underneath trees or under anything else which can drop easily contaminants onto wet paint. Your preparation should also cover washing your vehicle by cleaning properly surface of any road grime, grease, or dirt.

# 2: Stripping
Start sanding away carefully using circular motions. It is appropriate you sand crevices and corners by hand. According to car painting pros, the best sanding results will be achieved if you will sand the entire vehicle. Once you’re done, use a clean rug to wipe the entire surface down. You can also use thinners to get rid of dust.

# 3: Priming
Mask up the areas of your car you do not want to paint by using plastic sheeting or newspaper and masking tape. Ensure you handle this process very carefully in order to avoid coming up with unsightly overspray. Mix thinners with the primer using the recommended ratios by adhering to instructions on your paint can. Apply your primer starting from the roof of your vehicle and eventually moving downward.

# 4: Painting
Apply the top coat using the recommended guideline offered by the paint’s manufacturer. You should wait for a few minutes and then apply two more coats using the same instructions.

However, if you don’t have the time or resources to paint your classic car then leave the heavy lifting to us and contact us today for a consultation and quote (561) 729-0911

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