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What You Need To Know About Rust For Your Classic Muscle Car Restoration

1970 Nova9

Do you need to restore the body of your classic muscle car? Have you bought an old muscle car with rusted exterior? Do you need it fixed to a captivating and enticing exterior feel? If your answers to these questions are yes, well, a guide to your solutions is right here in this article.

Getting back that flashy look from your old classic muscle car sounds like something that would be done in just a snap of the finger. That is not the case; most people would even imagine doing it themselves. However, much it is possible, it is a daunting and time-consuming process. Giving it to the experts will your work easier and save you all the troubles.

What causes exterior body rusting?
A part of what you need to know about rust for your classic muscle car restoration is what causes it to rust. It is quite important and will mainly come in handy during your maintenance after it has been restored. Exposure of the inner metal part, mainly steel for old muscle cars, to the outside environment is a major setback. Scratches on the body of your muscle car can be termed as the “pioneer” for the rusting process. Your driving zones and area of residence could be also another factor. If you reside in highly humid areas and salty areas, your car is prone to fast rusting from a small scratch on its metallic body.

Restoring your muscle car-what it takes
Several processes, equipment, technology, and techniques are simply what it takes to bring back the glamorous exterior touch of your rusty muscle car. What you need to know about restoring your muscle car from a rusted body and other parts is that it involves quite a number of processes as outlined below;

Rust and paint removal
This is the first step after dismantling the car parts. It encompasses scraping off the body parts of rust and initial paint to get the original body metal. The processes involved here include sanding, removing using a razor, wire brushing hot tank dipping by using phosphoric acid and other chemical removers. Repainting the whole cleaned metal with primer and paint to cover it from exposure to external factors that favor rusting.

Another thing you need to know about rust for your classic muscle car restoration is the amount of time in the scope of work quantity. Depending on the degree in which your muscle car had been affected by rust is when you can be in a position to be told the time it will take for complete restoration. It ranges from dismantling, rust removal, repainting to re-assembling of the parts.

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