What You Need to Know About Suspension for Your Classic Muscle Car Restoration

Classic muscle cars are very strong beasts that stay unique from the rest of these modern rides. Unfortunately, not many people understand the worth of these classics and you can find that most of them have been neglected.

You need to keep in mind that restoring a car is way past a hobby. Car restoration, especially with classic muscle cars is a passion shared by a special group of enthusiasts throughout the world. This is an art that tends to unite people, independent of their walks of life or backgrounds.
So, what do you need to know about the suspension?

There isn’t anything that quite breaks or makes the driving dynamics of any car than how good and well it handles when negotiating corners. This is also determined by how good it rides on the road. All these goals can be achieved by proper tuning of your suspension.
Now, the problem with this is that majority of these classic cars were created and manufactured decades ago. During those times, suspension technology was not anywhere close to its best. Add its service window tagged along with wears and tears, in the end, your typical un-restored classic turns into a road unworthy vehicle.

However, thanks to technological advancements, there are quite a number of options and choices abound when looking to upgrade, or rather tune up the stock suspension system.

As much as you look to upgrade your classic ride’s suspension, it must be recreated to its stock specification during the restoration process. Typically, this process involves changing and replacing springs, bushings, ball joints, and shocks with relevant stock replacement spare parts. Taking the suspension’s state and condition into account, recreating a car’s suspension can yield amazing and dramatic improvements in its handling, and your ride in general.

For vehicles that feature high aftermarket parts, the most common alternative is having high-performance spare parts replace the aforementioned parts. With this, the vehicle receives revised shock valving and new spring rates which induce improved handling and enhanced performance. Aftermarket suspensions can also feature drop spindles and sway bars to enhance your classic ride’s performance even much further. For those vehicles that tend to get run hard on the tracks, a viable option is upgrading to four-link suspension or coil-over shocks.

As much as enhancing a vehicle’s performance can be broken down to upgrading its parts including the suspension kit, mechanical expertise in fitting in the parts and kits is very important. This will guarantee a perfect restoration.

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