What You Need To Know About the Exhaust System for Your Classic Muscle Car Restoration

During the process of restoring your classic muscle car you will have to consider a number of things to improve their performance while at the same time abiding by your states exhaust noise laws. While overhauling the exhaust system of a classic muscle car you may have to face a number of issues. Though, it can be enticing to think of increasing the performance of a classic car by changing the exhaust but it can also affect the sound of the exhaust of that car.

Each modification has its own pros and cons. Before modifying the exhaust system of your classic car to improve its performance and quality of emissions you should also go through the laws about automobile noise of your state. Any modification in the performance and sound of your car will be meaningless unless you can drive it legally in your state.

Before getting a hood scoop, new muffler or a catalytic converter to improve the exhaust system of your classic muscle car you have to check the compatibility with the EPA or CARB approval for testing emissions. The legal limits of noise and emissions can vary with each state. But you can be within these limits by using a part that meets the standards of EPA or CARB or both. In order to be sure about it you should go through the laws of your state which you can find online.

We can’t stress how important it is to make sure you follow the laws. You must keep the documents of purchasing an exhaust system and the bills of its installation in your car safe. These documents and your knowledge about the laws of the state about the level of noise can help you if you get a ticket for unlawful level of noise of your car exhaust system.

Car enthusiasts restore the exhaust systems of their classic muscle cars for various reasons. One of these reasons can be inability to pass the inspection of the emissions. The exhaust system of many classic cars may not pass the test of emission because they were made many years before the making of emission laws. In case the exhaust of your car has been updated even then you may want to modify or restore it specially for improving performance of your car.

Various modifications in your car’s exhaust system can considerably improve its performance as well as its efficiency and horsepower. But the sound of your classic muscle car will be identifiable everywhere.
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